On Site, In Room, and Online

On Site Auctions

An on site auction is an effective way sell to any property.  The ability for buyers to inspect the property and connect with the home whilst they are bidding provides tangible motivation.  

LJ Hooker Auction Services are able to offer a team of auctioneers for your onsite auction across New Zealand.  

All of our auctioneers are highly experienced auctioneers with enviable negotiation skills, polished presentation and importantly, an ability to engage with any crowd.


In Room Auctions

In room auctions are a highly effective method to host multiple auctions and create a tangible energy in the room.  The ability to gather multiple properties and sell them in an event style format can elevate properties to a property pedestal and spark massive interest from the buyers.

In an in room event, crowd sizes can swell and create an extraordinary environment for competitive bidding as buyers are unaware of which property each other buyer is there to bid on.  

It is is a time efficient method by which many properties can be sold in a single evening, agents can manage time and marketing schedules and importantly, can create record prices.


Online Auctions 

Online Auctions are  virtual platforms to have the same excitement of an in room auction and the experience of on site auction. It is the most time efficient and convinient way to buy the property of your dreams and to sell for your future invesments. 


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