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NZ ASSIST - How It Works

What is moving services from LJ Hooker Assist?

Powered by Movinghub, LJ Hooker Assist is your free one-stop shop connection service designed to help connect all your utilities and home services at your new property including electricity, gas, broadband, pay TV and more. We take the time consuming task of arranging all your utility and home service connections off your to-do list.

Is the service available nationally?

Yes. We have utility partners across New Zealand, but availability of a utility service will depend on your exact address.

How do we help you?

Think of us as your one stop shop for connecting all your utilities and home services. We coordinate your connections while getting you some of the best deals in the market from our large panel of suppliers. All you need to do is tell us the utilities and services you want connected along with a little about yourself, we’ll then verify what plans and services are available at your new address and give you a call to finalise all your connections. Once we’ve spoken to you, an expert Movologist will pass your connection request onto our utility partners for provisioning, they then work with each service provider to get the job done.

What’s a Movologist?

A Movologist is a moving expert armed with the task of helping you move home. We know moving can be stressful and things don’t always go to plan which is why we have a dedicated team on hand to help. In short, they’re your new best friend.

What utilities do we offer?

We can arrange your electricity, gas, LPG, broadband, phone and SKY connection services with our selected service providers. Provided we work with your existing service provider, we can relocate your existing accounts or alternatively, sign you up to a new service plan with a new service provider. While we work with the majority of New Zealand’s leading service providers, we make no commitment that this service contains all utility plans, offers or service providers available in the market.

Availability of our plans, services and offers depend on a few things. For example, validation that the provider can supply or service your address and acceptance of your connections application which may include a credit check by the relevant provider.

What energy and telco partners do we work with?

At the moment, we work with Genesis Energy, Energy Online, Contact Energy, Meridian, Powershop, Mercury Energy, Bosco, Tiny Mighty, Glo Bug, Vodafone, Slingshot, Orcon, Flip, 2Degrees and SKY. However, these partners and their offers may change from time to time.

Is there a cost to use this service?

While the LJ Hooker Assist connection service is free to you, of course the supply of your utilities at your home is not! Standard service provider connection fees and charges still apply. However, you pay NO extra charges as a result of using this service.

How long do gas and electricity connections take?

It depends on the utility, the actual retailer and whether we have all the information we need from you. The earlier you get your connections application in the more likely your utilities will be connected on the date you request however while we will endeavour to arrange the connections on your desired date, we cannot guarantee this. As a rule of thumb, at least three business days' notice of your move and your new address is preferred.

The connections timeframes provided below are indicative only.

  • Standard next weekday reconnection; request received before 2pm day prior.
  • Urgent Same Day Connections; subject to the provider.
  • Saturday connections; subject to availability and based on receiving the request before 2pm day prior.
  • If you have a new or altered gas or electricity connection, or if your supply has been disconnected for 6 months or longer, you may be required to provide a certificate of compliance or certificate of verification from a certified service provider before supply can commence.
  • LPG; up to 4 working days. Subject to change.

Please note, urgent same day, afterhours, Saturday or Public Holiday connections may incur additional service provider fees. Weekend and public holiday connections are subject to availability. No connections can be arranged for Sunday. Connection requests received on a Saturday will be provisioned next working day.

Do we provide electricity and gas disconnection services?

Yes, we provide disconnection services if you are relocating with your existing service provider however, to close an account you may be required to provide a final meter reading. You can either provide this yourself or opt for the service provider to read it (a service provider charge may apply).

How long do Broadband connections take?

There are a number of factors that can affect the timeframe of your Broadband connection – including what type of Broadband you require and what type of Broadband is available at your property. As a rule of thumb, standard broadband connections take between 7-10 working days. However, Fibre installations take much longer and provided Fibre is available at your property, it means connecting a fibre optic cable from the road to your home. Before proceeding with a Fibre connection, your chosen broadband provider will discuss your options with you.

How long does a SKY connection take?

There are a number of factors that can affect the timeframe of your SKY connection – including whether or not you are an existing or new customer of SKY and whether the house you are moving into has an existing SKY Dish installed. As a rule of thumb depending on your requirements, we suggest you allow up to 10 days however, this is in consideration of your home not having a SKY Dish installed already so if it does, the good news is the installation timeframe should be much shorter.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once you lodge your application we will make all reasonable efforts to contact you within 4 business hours to verify your request. This is only a short call to make sure that you're comfortable with us acting on your behalf and to confirm that you are happy with the services you have chosen. When the call is finished we will contact your chosen suppliers and get your request(s) moving. After we have spoken to you we will send you an email outlining what will happen next for each service you have selected so you'll know exactly what needs to happen.

Can I cancel or change my connection request?

If you want to amend a connections request - please call LJ Hooker Assist on 0800 141 470. However please note, depending on when you notify us, if the provisioning process is complete, you may need to call the applicable service provider directly.

What does LJ Hooker get out of this?

We are committed to making your property transaction a breeze and pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled customer service experience. Together with our partner, LJ Hooker Assist – Powered by Movinghub, we hope our connections service helps provide that. We, our partners and real estate agents or property managers may also receive a commission or fee if you choose to use LJ Hooker Assist.

Use of your personal information

LJ Hooker Assist does not disclose personal information about our customers for any other purpose than to fulfil our service. We will only disclose this personal information once consent has been obtained and only to applicable service providers or partners for the purpose of fulfilling the service.

As a reminder, LJ Hooker Assist is powered by Movinghub. You can view their privacy policy at: www.movinghub.co.nz/privacy-policy

Terms and conditions

* View the full Movinghub terms and conditions at: www.movinghub.co.nz/terms.

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