How to Prepare Your Home for Santa’s Visit

How to prepare your home for Santas visit

  • As the holiday season draws near, and you know what that means – Santa Claus and his eight faithful reindeer are gearing up for their grand tour!

    Just like when it comes to selling your home, you can never start getting organised too early for Santa’s visit. While Santa will be in a rush, as he has many homes to visit on that one night, you might want to make a few precautions to protect your home and furniture.

    To guarantee a seamless and enjoyable visit for Santa and his furry friends, let's explore some festive and practical tips to make your home the most welcoming stop on their journey.

    Starting with the great outdoors

    Reindeer-ready roof

    Make sure your roof is sturdy enough to handle Santa's sleigh and the dance of eight sets of hooves. Check shingles for security and repair any damage for a smooth take-off and landing.

    Trim overhanging branches to create a hazard-free runway. After all, reindeer have a big job ahead, starting their journey right here in New Zealand.

    Chimney check

    Take a look at those chimney bricks and the flue and make sure it’s sturdy – we don't want any unexpected bumps on Santa's head.

    Keep that chimney clean to avoid turning Santa into a soot-covered gift. And, if your roof isn't quite sleigh-sized, don't worry – Santa's got ways to make it work.

    Decorative considerations

    Ensure your festive decorations don't turn into obstacles for Santa's grand entrance. Lights and inflatable Santas should take a backseat to ensure a smooth landing for the reindeer.

    Now, let's venture indoors

    Chimney maintenance

    Clean that chimney to keep Christmas morning mess-free. An immaculate chimney ensures both Santa and your home stay soot-free.

    And remember, keep that damper open – we're avoiding any "Santa gets stuck" scenarios!

    Furniture protection

    Shield your furniture from ashes and soot, either by relocating it or covering it up. A tidy home not only impresses Santa with your housekeeping skills but also eliminates tripping hazards.

    Pack away those toys, secure loose Christmas light cords, and you're good to go.

    Stocking safety

    Hang those stockings with care using alternatives like command hooks or twine. Let's avoid unnecessary holes and show those stockings can hang anywhere sturdy enough to hold those treats from Santa.

    For those without chimneys or in apartments

    No chimney? Short on space? No problem! Opt for a Christmas tree alternative – create a designated "Santa Zone". A beautifully decorated table or a festive basket works wonders. Keep it well-lit to guide Santa straight to the heart of your holiday haven.

    Advice on treats

    Keep those treats out of reach from pesky possums and mice. Don't forget the reindeer – leave some carrots or apples, and water too! After all, even reindeer get thirsty after a long journey.

    Post-visit tips

    Christmas is a time of the year many of us look forward to, but if Santa makes a little mess, you will want to clean it up. If he has left soot marks from the fire on the carpet, use baking soda or corn flour to easily clean it.

    Get the vacuum cleaner out for any leftover crumbs—sure proof that Santa and the reindeer enjoyed their snacks.

    Outdoor cleanup? Check the roof for reindeer "gifts" – they make excellent fertiliser for your garden. And don't forget to check those gutters for any unexpected surprises.

    By following these detailed yet cheerful tips, your home is sure to be Santa-ready, ensuring a magical and smooth visit for all.

    May your house be a beacon of holiday cheer, hosting a jolly old elf with a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. Wishing you a "Happy Christmas to all and a good night!"

    Note: References for this blog post were taken from "A Visit from St. Nicholas", more commonly known as "The Night Before Christmas", poem by Clement Clarke Moore. Highly recommended Christmas Eve book to read to kids before tucking them in before bed before Santa's arrival. 

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