Quick Guide to the Selling Process

1. Property appraisal:

  • Agent inspects the property
  • Agent talks you though the process
  • Formal appraisal completed
  • Method of sale and marketing/advertising strategy discussed

2. Selling:

  • Presentation advice provided
  • Marketing/advertising strategy agreed on
  • Agency agreement signed
  • Property listing details completed
  • Keys and access details collected
  • Open Home scheduled

3. Promotion:

  • Photos taken
  • Property signage done
  • Agent's database advised
  • Local marketing
  • Internet/window/newspaper and any other marketing/advertising commences

4. Inspections:

  • Notice for inspection provided where possible
  • Details of all attendees recorded
  • All comments and feedback provided

5. Negotiating the sale:

  • Best price and conditions are negotiated
  • Signing between parties is formalised
  • Real estate agent's check and assist with purchaser's finance, sale of property, building inspections, and other conditions where necessary

6. Contract of Sale:

  • Once terms are agreed and where possibleĀ a deposit is taken from the buyer
  • Copies of the contract are given to both parties' solicitors/conveyancers
  • All parties are kept informed

7. SOLD!

  • Sold sticker placed on sign board
  • All parties confirm the sale is finalised
  • Transfer of keys and settlement day is arranged
  • New owners move in

In New Zealand the process of selling property is regulated by the Real Estate Agents Authority.

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